Early Bird Take Home Menu  - the following menu is available to collect from A Slice of Life before 6pm Mon - Sat                                                                                                   

All food is presented in disposable dishes, alternatively drop in your own dishes and we would be happy to use them. 

Serves 8-10 people

Lasagne                                                        €40.00    

Shepherd's Pie                                            €40.00

Chicken & Ham Pie                                   €40.00

Steak, Kidney & Mushroom Pie              €40.00

Seafood Pie                                                 €50.00


Beef & Guinness Casserole                                         €5.00 pp

Chicken Curry                                                               €5.00 pp                   

Chicken Casserole                                                        €5.00 pp

Beef/Lamb Burgers with Saute Onions                   €5.00 pp

Fillet of Beef Stroganoff                                               €12.00 pp

Sweet Chilli Chicken                                                    €6.00 pp

Baked Fillet of Cod with a Herb & Garlic Crust      €8.00 pp

Seafood Tart (8 portions)                                               €20.00

Quiche Lorraine/ Vegetarian Quiche                       €18.00

prices per portion - orders of minimum 8 portions

Side Orders

Garlic & Cheese Potatoes (10 portions)                    €25.00

Rice (10 portions)                                                         €20.00

Saute Potatoes (10 portions)                                       €20.00

Baked Potatoes (10 portions)                                     €20.00

Salad Buffet

Our cold buffet includes a selections of any of our home cooked meats or fish, which are presented on garnished platters with appropriate dressings served with any 3 salads of your choice and homemade brown scones/brown bread.

Roast Turkey & Honey Baked Ham                         €10.00

Roast Turkey, Baked Ham & Roast Beef                 €12.00

Roast Beef & Dressed Salmon                                    €14.00

Roast Breast of Chicken & Salmon                            €11.00

Sweet Chilli Chicken                                                    €9.00

Cooked Turkey Crown  or 1/2 Crown €60.00 1/2 crown €30.00

Cooked Full Ham                                                       €60.00

Selection of Salads

Tossed Salad - selection of lettuce with cucumber, tomatoes, peppers & red onions.

Tagliatelle Pasta - with basil pesto, cucumber & sun dried tomato.

Waldorf Salad - apples, celery & walnuts in a lemon mayonnaise dressing.

Mixed Leaves - with feta cheese & cherry tomatoes.

Italian Pasta Salad - finished with tomatoes, sweet corn, peppers, baked ham & mayonnaise.

Sprouting Bean Salad - healthy salad of sprouting beans tossed in a vinaigrette dressing with sun-dried tomatoes & sugar snap peas.

Coleslaw/Curried Coleslaw

Noodle Salad - egg noodles tossed in olive oil with peppers, smokey bacon, sweet corn & onion.

Potato & Smoley Bacon - with honey & mustard dressing.

Potato & Spring Onion Salad

 Extra Salad Portions €1.50 - €2.00 depending on variety and quantity required

Hot Buffet

Our hot buffet selection is delivered in hot Ban-maires that will keep food hot for approximately 2 hours. Vegetarians or ceoliac options are available or should you have any special requirements please do not hesitate to ask.

Chicken a la Creme                   €12.00

 - Breast of chicken sauteed with onions & mushrooms finished in a white wine and port sauce, served with rice & salad.

Breaded Escalope of Turkey   €12.00

 - served with a collage of vegetables & garlic potatoes.

Beef Bourguignon                    €12.00

-sauteed beef finished with smokey bacon, shallots & mushrooms in a red wine sauce served with rice & baked potatoes.

Beef Stroganoff                         €15.00

-prime fillet of beef flamed in brandy with onion & mushrooms finished in a cream wine sauce served with rice & salad

Poached Fillet of Salmon        €20.00

 - Fillet of salmon poached in white wine finshed in a rich cream sauce served with vegetables & potatoes.

Oriental Curry                         €10.00

 - beef or chicken pieces in a mild curry sauce served with rice & salad.

Cajun Chicken                         €12.00

 - breast of chicken marinated in cajun spices pan fried and served on a bed of roasted vegetables with potato salad and tossed salad.

Prices are per person



Canapes Platter

A perfect way to start a casual or relaxed meal or to accompany wine and beverages. Items on our canapes include a selection of finger sandwiches, mini brown scones with a variety of toppings, finger wraps, cheese fingers, mini quiches, smoked salmon rools, goat's cheese and red onion bruscetta. Price on request


SPICY CHICKEN WINGS (2)          €1.00

FISH GOUJONS (1)                     €1.50

CHICKEN GOUJONS (1)               €1.50   

LAMB RISSOLES (1)                   €1.50 - with mint and yoghurt dressing

GARLIC MUSHROOMS (3)            €1.50 - served with garlic dip



Sweet Tooth Selection

Fresh Fruit Pavlova (8 portions)          €18.00 

Chocolate Roulade (10 portions)         €20.00                          

Banoffi Pie (12 portions) - biscuit base smothered with caramel & bananas and finished with fresh cream and roasted almonds.  €20.00

Fresh Cream Gateau (16 portions) - strawberries & pears layered with fresh cream in our light vanilla or chocolate sponge gateau.  €25.00

Black Forrest Gateau (10 portions) - chocolate sponge layered with black cherries & fresh cream.     €25.00

Pear & Almond Tart (10 portions) - almond paste in a pastry case finished with pear slices & flaked almonds.  €18.00

Chocolate Mousse Gateau (14 portions) - heavenly chocolate mousse layered between chocolate madeira sponge and finished with fresh cream and chocolate shavings.  €25.00

Profiteroles (10 portions) - mini choux pastry balls served with our chocolate & baileys sauce.  €22.00

Fresh Fruit Salad (10 portions)    €18.00

Cheesecakes (12 portions) - strawberry, lemon, baileys or toblerone.  €22.00

 Full Selection of Homemade Baking also available - Apple Pies, Crumbles & Sponges, Lemon Madeira, Buttercream cakes & a large selection of Pastries.