Breakfast Menu: served from 9am to 12..

FULL IRISH BREAKFAST                                                                            €8.15
The works! To include bacon, sausage, pudding, beans, mushrooms
and fried egg, tea and toast.

MINI BREAKFAST                                                                                       €6.70
Bacon, sausage, pudding with fried egg, tea and toast.

BREAKFAST OMELETTE                                                                             €7.95
Bacon, sausage, onion and cheese omelette.

BREAKFAST ROLL/BAP                                                                             €5.50
Bacon, sausage, egg and pudding served in a roll or bap.
Or why not create your own?
Poached, scrambled and boiled eggs cooked to order  
Porrige served with honey     €2.95
Fresh Fruit Salad   with yoghurt               €4.95
Freshly baked fruit, plain and brown scones served with butter and jam :€1.50